Pages of the past


When I dare return to the pages of my past

Turning each one with embarrassment and shame

With regret, remorse and self incrimination

I finally come to you

Like purifying balms you came to me

Luring me gently with a smile and touch

To be the best I could lest you be disappointed

To create another page of my indictments


You taught me of the simplicity of life

“What do you want to do today?”

“I want to be happy”

And you reduced life itself to its foundation

“It’s something to do”

You taught me about priorities and philosophy

“Worry . . . . if that’s really what you want to do

Or we can go to the lake and count the swans”


And like all things, the problems disappeared

The challenges, goals and ambitions melted into folly

And the reasons for all things homogenized into us

And the enchantment of coffee-flavored kisses

On a bright and promising morning 

Became our religion, hope, destiny and dream

And it was beautiful then . . . . in a two room flat

In the Alps of a city where love once lived