With Regret

Written by: Reason A. Poteet

Impatiently she waits; anxious and as usual
begging God to intervene with a phone call,
an invitation, she was unwilling to wait for.
Her prayers were in earnest - full of promises.

God is a good judge, He exposes falsehood
and He said no, a clear no.  This is a trap,  
You are deceiving yourself;  
you are being deceived.

But she longed for true love 
and a trusted colleague showed her some.
She knew she lived among imposters  
who thrived on fraud and lies.
Refusing to face facts. 
she made that phone call herself.
When a too-familiar voice answered, 
she dropped the phone in disbelief.
It was an even clearer answer to her prayer 
and she moved on.

Reader, be warned by her scars of deceit.
If you must fight to have your own way,
pause on occasion to consider, 
what do I want to know?