Blankets Of stardust

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Blankets of stardust, showers in sprinkles of gold
Bathing together in starlight, what beauty we behold

Golden stardust that’s magic, and lights up your eyes
Sprinkles all around us, our love gained this prize.

Blankets of stardust to wrap and enfold us so tight
This promise is for lovers, every moonlit night.

The Sparkle of love, sprinkles with each piece of stardust 
Entwined in the sparkles, and showers of golden trust.

Trust never to hurt or cause each other pain
Bathed in showers of stardust and love once again. 

The blanket of stardust that will pillow your head
Laying under the moonlight, no more to dread

Covered with a blanket of stardust, such a magical thing
Surrounded by the sparkles, wrapped as in a golden ring.

© ~GG~ 23/12/2012