An unexplored Adventure I know what will be

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

An unexplored Adventure.
I know what will be !

There is an emptiness, creating – depression – a hole 
that a deep sadness fills – thoughts of take their toll 
on an alone heart that seeks, destiny with so much more.
The choices made, become the hands that close the door
on all that hope was creating for me – sublime dreams.
All that is, all that is felt, all I see – for me it seems 
is sadness, emptiness, heart ache, - at the hands of fate 
are – for me, words, feeling the voices of the gods state
will be my coarse upon the oceans, seas, rivers of life.
And so , as end days near, what prevails will be blind strife
who’s tears cut deep into my heart like a surgeons knife
extricating emotions, feelings without any notion 
as to why ?, things are as they are – at a standstill, no motion
left to carry me forward, give me hope, give reason
from the one I love – in this game of love, in my last season ?
I feel as though I am fading, becoming the disappearing man,
becoming invisible as my departing hour – soon at hand –
will open a door through which – as swift as it can –
all I sought will run to another, and there, alone, will I stand
once again, heart in hand, without hope – the dream dead,
pictures, memories, experiences, heartache to fill my head.
I will always remember the joys, the pleasures, what was good,
the walks, the talks, the adventures, where we once stood
in the other’s shadow, glow, in what we had come to know
of the secrets that make up you and me, seldom to show
their faces to ourselves, yet we have told the other, truth
as we have come to see them. Oh, where is your youth ?,
where has she gone ?, that beauty I toughed once or twice
and have to say, if I could have, every day, how nice !
I will – my Dear, - cherish every morsel until the end !
I will – my Dear, - always be – if nothing else – your friend.

B. J. “A” 2
July 15th 2007

I do wish you would join me !!
Bill .