Beneath A Mask

Written by: Joel Lee

A mask perhaps, a disguise
Needs be for every step of the way
And without we never can shy
Yet left without was never a simple day

Just how complicated need we see ourselves to be?
The more the merrier perhaps just might
Left with nothing might just be everything to see
Was it not a lonesome night I see died?

The make-up becomes but a tad heavier
Glistening whites with fluttering gold
Compelled to be burdened a lesson lesser
Just how will the hidden heart beat to show?

Came was then a shadow to hide
Hiding too well into the familiar darkness
In the light of truth, of days and nights
The sun will remember to shine for the shadowy brightness

Have we finally found ourselves as claimed?
Within our one big world of masquerade
A thin line as drawn to truth and shame
As we walk in confidence in our little parade