Written by: Barakat Sheriff

On the canvas of my life's painting
I see many colours
Many shades
Blue for the days I had no clue why my life had such a sad hue
Red for the days my heart go swollen and bled with love
White for the days that were pure and sweet
Black for the days I could do nothing but grieve
Yellow for the days filled with sunshine
Green for the days I spent in the bosom of nature 
Orange for the days that my life seemed to have a bright spark
Grey for the gloomy days where everything was dull and I had no hope
Brown for the days that were so dry and uncomfortable
Gold for the days my world held meaning and had value
Silver for those linings I found on the cloud of my life
Pink for the days I was cheery
Purple for the days my world was as sweet as berries
I see the splashes and splotches across the canvas of my life
All these Colours come together to make a blur brighter than the rainbow.