Written by: Ajayi Angel-Simon


After the Golden Rule was taught;
In spirit, the cleric’s tongue was caught.
Like a pregnant cloud
Ready to perch on the Y-shaped crowd:
“You are blessed by Jehovah El-shaddai.
In you, everything of hell-shall-die
in the name of Him that’s above all men.
And the church will say”, “Amen”

But after benediction,
I consider it a spur, an inspiration:
Which accounts for ninety percent;
The remaining ten: my effort and bent.
With mercy and deft, I’ll part heaven’s clime
To usher in my perpetual lustrous time

But after benediction,
With my earthly intuition,
I eagerly chase my transient fame.
I adapted to a new aim.
Being mindful of how poverty afflicts,
I’m tired of chanting the chorus of derelicts.

But after benediction,
I always have a fresh eternity revelation,
But sooner forget the Calvary cost:
Even the words from the mighty pen of Frost
About ‘The Road Not Taken’
Wherein my foundation was shaken

But after benediction,
In a storm of confusion,
I straddle on moral fence---
After life’s exploit, whose presence?
Which fort – light or dark?
Which angels – white or black?