Free At Last

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                     Free At Last

How I wish one day just wake up to lie down under the rain
In the dessert, watch an apparition of water and discover 
a fountain where I can approach wet my dry lips imagine 
the unimaginable a harvest in the desert that would hasten 
to hatch and fortify the unfortunate roses.

In that same desert watch the green grass moisture 
with dew and visualize two hands offering me a bouquet 
of roses looking colorful and beautiful while walking
towards the one tree that exists to sit under it and 
decide to have a life and be the one to calm down the 
storm & leave my foot prints running in a straight line 
as a memory for my escape when I will feel safe to emerge 
towards society.
Today my hands are longing to caress those who are not 
here yet how gratifying it feels to enjoy the joy of the 
growing beauty that one tree in my desert giving birth 
to hundreds of baby buds that will grow up fast might
not last, still that growth will leave a trace.

In my mind even when they die I know they will 
resurrect next time when I am not here I will 
leave with those images still engraved in my mind
that a tree mother not like all mothers delivers life 
than death again and again until its time comes to 
follow its destiny like all of us.

My thoughts are traveling with them to relive my voyages
a past full of memories that allows me to bring them here 
in my desert live with me, I am never alone I have pictures, 
conversations, I remember during my job or vacations I am 
a busy man even while sitting in my chair yet I go for long 
trips everyday where my thoughts love to fly. 

I like living I have sometimes been widely despairingly acutely 
miserable racked with sorrow but through it all I know quite 
certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.

It will be a long walk out of the desert, after having dwelt 
for a long time I wasn't held as a prisoner or against my will 
I needed to be ready to venture towards a new landing place 
on this earth, where I can forget yesterday and rediscover 
who I am now, and who I will be tomorrow.

I am ready without any self pity as now I have a superior power 
that was built between me and me in the desert, I gave a strong 
push to my thoughts, I am still young, and will grow up today before 
tomorrow. Nothing will slow me down starting now.

                                    Therese Bacha