Over the horizon the Phoenix peeks,
Silence shattered by the colors it speaks.
A moment in time suspended in space,
Light overtakes darkness but a trace.

How many words spoken without sound,
No greater a story has ever been found.
Nature tells its tale on the wings of tomorrow, 
Repeating the story with time it will borrow.

The sun infinite, with an unrelenting power,
Time perpetuates, within each passing hour.
Some say the phoenix holds magic in its light,
With molten crimson it squelches the night.

A kaleidoscope canvas inspires,
Depicted sky-scapes of phoenix fires.
Ripened peach upon zenith streams, 
Blushed, fading mellifluous themes.

Fiery feathers swirled with infinite grace,
Tapestry multi-hues embellish outer-space.
Languishing with a enigmatic Mona-Lisa smile,
Dog-tired sun walked a long day’s mile.

Bedazzled glitter scattered on a lazy river,
Caressing waters savoring a shiver.
A sun sinks towards the horizontal embrace,
Encircling the planet's equatored face.

Coiling wings bid colors to rest,
Rescinding the beauty bearing west.
Swallowed into dusk’s encroaching night,
Bidding the man on the moon goodnight.

Counting down the minutes til the rise,
Yawning, wiping sleep from lava eyes
Resurrecting from the ashes of obscurity,
The phoenix rises reigniting the purity.