Every Mother Is A Star

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Every mother is a star, glowing like the full moon,
the beautiful bow that swirls till the break of dawn.
Every mother is the sparkling Sun that smiles at noon,
the bright beam that gives birth to a new dawn.

Every mother is a refreshing rainfall,
the drops of wetness and wealth.
Every mother is a rare rainbow to recall...
the radiance of hope and health.

Every mother is a sparkling bloom, a superstar,
the nifty nurse that nurtures us at night.
Every mother is the aura we feel from afar,
flowing freely with loads of love, life and light.

Every mother is a queen, a gem, a goddess,
a tender treasure money cannot... measure.
A stream of love and unspeakable sweetness;
...and her heart is the fountain of a fragrant future.

Everyday is your birthday, moments full of memories,
today is another day to celebrate life and love;
counting God's blessings and a mother's legacies.
I doff my hat all mother-angels sent from above!