A story from my imagination

Written by: bidyut bikash brahma

Not long ago did I meet her
She was like an angel
draped in tight fittings and sweater
She walked with the most graceful gait
and smelled so nice
In an instant I became a wormed bait
Came up to me and said the most sweetest "Hello"
I was on the verge of passing out
yet holding my nerves, I replied back with my voice all mellow
Never mind the questions she asked, I stood mesmerized
Like a zombie
I thought "Alas! I am about to be exorcised."
Then lo nature's cruelty, the beauty makes a 90 degree turn
In comes a mechanized wagon
carrying a cool intern
Gelled hair and cool sHades
I was boiling
with unwanted sweat and lot of hates
The beauty and "the beast" made a run to the cinema
I stood unwanted and realized
It is hopeless for a student without a diploma
Later I heard she was a doctor specializing in cardiology
Trying to pinpoint 
at my unhygienic smoking philosophy
Any-ways it makes a good story for poetic inspiration
It's just a story
A story from my imagination.