Ancient Prayer

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I place my message in a bottle
Will you even be able to read these words?
This planet we destroyed is left for your use
try to rebuild it
it was once a beautiful place
A gift we did not deserve
We used to love her so
and then we neglected her calls
she warned us of our impending doom
still we thought we had time
when she struck us we did not understand
why did we not heed her groans?
Now we are but a memory
a sad footnote in time
Only you are left to read these pathetic words
it is best that we are completly forgotten
This shell that remains is our legacy
what will you do?
Is there anything left to rebuild?
I offer my ancient prayer
this is all I have left to give.

Message in a Bottle Poetry Contest.
I owe you a proper entry, thanks for letting me know about my error.