The Tender Years

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

When are the tender years, the young ones or the old?
It really must be both of them, from everything I’ve been told
Love and nurture the very young, so they can their dreams fulfil
Love and look after the older ones, they have their dreams still.

Tenderness is needed for every girl and boy
Tenderness for our older ones who can still give so much joy
Tenderness to a babe in arms, but what tenderness we can show
While sitting with our older ones, give them tenderness watch them glow.

Smooth a damp curl of sweet smelling hair on little child’s head
Smooth the wrinkle from a brow, of someone older ill in bed
Both will react with love and show tenderness back to you
The tender years are all our lives so lets be tender to each other too.

© ~GG~ 21/12/2102