Fine Print

Written by: Juli- Michelle

Take the pain away from you
Take the pain away from me
Grab the virus, both hands firm
And allow us both to be free
Erase the fine print on your heart
Scribble out the horrid words
Pencil in something beautiful
Butterflies, waterfalls, birds
Sunshine, laughter, rainbows
The old remnants of our pasts
Remind yourself it can exist
But it's your actions that make it last
Hug the memories from back when
You used to be so small
And remember that time is ticking
Pretty soon, you wont recall:
The ability to move and jump and laugh
Why waste the days of thy youth?
With tears and hurt and agony
Just move on and face the truth
Bad things happen to strong people
Mistakes and decisions hit hard
Though shattered, alone and broken,
You cannot become a shard
The pain stays while you let it
So lift your head up high
Take in all that's beautiful
Let sorrow pass you by