The Mirror

Written by: Owen Yeates

The mirror of my soul has been cracked
It happened when you gave it back
With a tissue of lies and deceit
A broken heart as a receipt

How could these lies bring me down?
How could you treat me like a clown?
Now a mask smile on my face
The real one it has to replace

The tears I cry in solitude
Depress and make me so subdued
Will the hurting ever end
Will love come to me again?

I thought you were both lover and friend
Could not see this in the end
It slapped me right across the face
I wished you’d left without a trace

Every day you try to be 
The one I thought you were to me
Every day hurts more and more
Should I even up the score?

Sleep with someone just like you
I know for me that would not do
I will have to live with the pain
From revenge I must refrain 

Try to rebuild what we had
Make some good out of the bad
So our children cannot see
The hurt and pain you’ve given me