Christmas Is

Written by: DrJim Martin


A time for family,
Festivities and joy.
Anticipation for
Each girl and boy.

A time to relax,
Catch up on rest.
Eat much that will put
Suit sizes to the test.

Music will sound
In many locales.
Jubilation from choirs
And professional chorales.

Some will celebrate
The Savior’s birth.
And remember the reason
For His coming to earth.

For some however, 
Sadness is near.
There’s not much reason
For holiday cheer.

Away from home,
In a distant land,
Not exactly how
He had earlier planned.

The war rages on
Day after day.
Soon it will end,
He does constantly pray.

His loved ones at home
Try to persevere,
Praying that they will soon hear
News about which to cheer.

Maybe next year,
They regularly pray
He will not have to be
So far away.

As we enjoy all
That the season brings
Let us not forget why
This freedom rings.

As we lay our heads down
For a restful night,
Many are still engaged
In the enemy’s fight.

Christmas for them
May not be as grand
As what we enjoy
In this blessed land.

So I ask you my friend
As I close this verse,
Do you pray for their safety?
And thankfulness rehearse?