Young hearts without fear

Written by: Seren Roberts

These little children skipped to school
 Cos xmas  time was near
The excitement was getting too much  for them
True young hearts without any fear

Then along came Adam Lanza......
Guns at the ready , ready to kill
The adults did  all they could
To stop  this unholy  thing.

Teachers tried to shield the pupils
To stop them being killed
Some died in the attempt 
Their bodies bullet riddled

The why's and wherefores
For this act, might never be unfold
The gunman died, he was the one
Whose story could be told-

The numbers reach  two score  and seven
Totally not acceptable
That such a person has a licence
For it to be permissible

Gun laws wont help these tragic children 
Angels in heaven they are now
Watching over their loved ones
Kissing their furrowed brow.