Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

So many little children
We're sent to heaven today,
When they awoke this morning
They hadn't planned to leave this way.

We know they are in a better place
Where only Love and Peace reside
And all these new tiny souls
Will have angels by their side.

We can never answer why it happened
As we would never understand,
But we know there was a reason
God led them by his hand.

And when you hear of a miracle
Or see bright lights in the sky,
You will know God had lots of help
From tiny souls arrived.

We will never forget as the years pass by
The families that are suffering today,
You are on our minds and in our hearts
Each time we kneel to pray.

In our way we will do our part
As our hearts are broken too,
We will Love each other a little more
Each day, and each year through.

God Bless The Families of Newtown, Conn. U.S.A.