Stay with me always


you have never left me

always by my side

my life you have become

my heart your deep inside.

i live for you

i'm your best friend

your my only one too

my love to you i always send.


i never knew friendship

or unconditional love

the way my heart does flips

as you wait on stairs above.

you helped me through

the toughest of times

and never did you move

always forgiving and always 


you give me devotion

that i'll never have earned

when i call you always come

you gave me all the the hope 
i've learned.


i know someday you'll leave 
this place

and take a part of me too

but i'll always remember your 

your thousand kisses will have 
been too few.

your loyalty makes my cry

nothing can ever take your 

don't leave me here to die

by each others side we have 
always been safe.


your more human

than any person i've met

your my dog

and your love i'll never forget

stay with me always...

please, my dear ''butcher boy''

you'll always be my boy.