Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Have you ever reached meltdown?
When the world seems to sit on you
Not just with the big things
But all the tiny little thing too.

When everyone takes a piece of you
But never gives one back
They treat you like a jigsaw
And take all the pieces that are flat.

Once they take your frame and strength
It leaves you feeling weak
But they never think of helping
You are there for them to seek.

They want to cry on your shoulder
They want you to wipe away their tears
But sometimes they have taken 
Your empathy and passed on to you their fears.

In times like this we need a friend
One that will not let us down
I am happy to say I have found one
He is my king and deserves a crown.

So to all that need a piece of me
Come take it one and all
I have had my strength renewed
Now I know I will not fall

© ~GG~19/12/2012