the religious Mafia

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Religious Mafia. 

There was a great tragedy in a small town many children killed 
and there was great sorrow. Then the Jesus brigade descended
telling shocked and grieving parents to pray…for what? And hope, 
hope for what? These men, in suits and moist handshakes,
hugging everyone… and talking nonsense about God´s forgiveness
 and everlasting love. If that was the case what is the forgiving for? 
The pastors are telling people what god or his son want, how do they 
 know do have they a direct contact with the creator? 
No, of course not, they are blinding the parents with prattle, asking 
them to donate to their church, naturally,  so they can all be saved. 
It is all about money, financial gains, these people are worse than
automatic guns, which they, no doubt indorse, it is what god want. No?