Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

Lucky is a red ear slider terrapin who currently lives with me.
For all intents and purposes, let's refer to Lucky as a she.
I named her Lucky because it was lucky that I just so happened to be
at the same place where Lucky was abandoned so very cold heartedly.
In a small fish bowl, on the curb, left out with the trash was she,
but I happened by, saw her and rescued Lucky.
She now lives a life of relative comfort and safety
in the 55 gallon aquarium that I have provided for she,
where she can bask on her float or go swimming freely,
or forage through the gravel searching for something to eat.
Lucky's stay with me however is only temporary.
When she has grown large enough to successfully compete
among other foragers in a habitat more naturally,
that will be the day when I inevitably set Lucky free
to live the rest of her life the way it was intended to be.
I would prefer however in all honesty
a man made pond on someone's private property,
perhaps stocked with fish, frogs and other turtles already
where routine feedings occur regularly.
Should anyone know of such a place that would freely
accept a red ear slider turtle into their sanctuary,
I would appreciate it if you could somehow inform me.
Heartfelt appreciation would also be extended from my gal Lucky.