A Place to belong


Self proclaimed loner I seem to be,
No one wants to understands me.
In a time of warlocks and witches,
Queens have such beauty and kings, great riches.
Of tiny azure fairies and pure white unicorns,
With irredescent wings and magical horns.
In a vivid world within a lonely mind,
Where stability is hard to find.
The valiant knights fight for my soul,
At war with the gnome king and the evil troll.
Where dragons hunt the evening skies,
With leathered wings and burning eyes.
Fire bellows from their flaming breath,
Cursing enimies with a burning death.
Purple clouds and glowing twin moons,
Dragon wings beat haunting midnight tunes.
Soaring with him is where I long to be found,
But I am told I must keep my feet on the ground.
I want to live in my world of magical strange beings,
A fragile heart wishes for all these things.
Hidden within a little world only I maintain,
I hurt no one in the dreams I sustain.
The doctors tell me, to take my med,
But it gives a numbing state in my head.
Besides who are they to tell me I'm wrong,
At least there's a place where I can belong.