free cee A PiECe of PeAce

Written by: jeffry cohan


Tomorrow is where pieces of yesterday lie hidden behind a curtain torn
and wherein is stowed future sadness and woe
yesterday..........when I began to rue my being born
and tomorrow is where pieces of today go

yesterday is when I traded strength for becoming weak
and when iniquity took today and took control
the shadow of addiction is bleary and bleak
and seeped into a son of sorrow's sin laden soul

yesterday robbed me of so many todays
then it stole my spirit like a thief in the night
it respected not my protests nor my delays
and left me with only fear, misfortune and fright

pieces of yesterday strewn all about
and my future looks more bleak by the day
now i'm left with little except doubt
ever since yesterday stole today away
  © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~