Written by: Owen Yeates

It really is funny when we are small
We give it away to anyone at all
But as you grow older you face such heartache
It the thing people who love us so often break

It is such a small word but it is so hard to regrow
For if you love someone then this you should show
But I understand why the walls are in place
To protect your heart like a clown wears a mask on his face

I gave mine to you without even a thought
But you have had troubles by which you’ve been taught
So you bottle it up and keep it inside
So you won’t hurt again then I know this you hide

I really believe it can be rebuilt in time
I know it can happen with our love so sublime
I will wait forever to hear this word said
I will not runaway wait until I am dead

For I know I must earn it show you that I care
By true understanding of what you had to bear
And given sometime I know you will adjust
That eventually in me you will learn to trust

I will earn by showing you that I trust you
By making you happy not making you blue
I will show you not all men are made the same
And finally I know your trust I will gain

So please allow me the time and the space
To show you my trust in my eyes in my face
And just let it happen without even a care
Give me your trust I will cherish and not share