The wound

Written by: Edmond Ornelas

Chains I thought would be broken by love
           RAGE is what did it
     In a town of the United States
           My love of children
 The fire of RAGE lit by a cowardly act
         Forgive my feelings my lord
This is the season of children to be happy
         Now broken hearts and tears
                 Fill this town
 Pray for these children and the people who save the others
 Pray for the Mothers,Fathers,Brothers and Sisters
       Thier pain is greater then my RAGE
       No one to fight so I write my words
       In hope that a calm will come to me
       As I find a chain to close this wound
        I ask myself,but no answer to be found
          Love life and all that surrounds you
        For it can be take in a blink of an eye

Dedicated to those who were lost!!