The Stunning Christmas Wishes

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Better be ready Santa
I have the best wishes upon these stanzas

A flying cow for Christmas
And don't forget the hippopotamus for the adjust

Caroling jingling jingle which knitted for fun
Please seek it within the over side of fairy's barn

Maybe it still there lays on its lazy chair
Enjoying the fresh hot green tea with the hippopotamus pal on a smokey hair

Once I saw it flew
Once upon a time when the night caught in blue

The flying cow flew 
And don't forget it still shouted in moo

The hippopotamus along flew ..... ..... ..... 
Of course not! You know the hippo is heavy, don't you?

I want a flying cow for Christmas
I know the Santa will grant fast, but it should be paid with a huge trust

Santa said flying cow should not be given in solely
Hippopotamus was the bonus which I could have it for free

Now I had two presents in delivery
I will gladly welcoming you by chocolate cookies and hot tea 

(and both are sugar free) :D

7th Place
A Christmas Wish In a Poem Contest
Sponsored by: Michael J. Falotico