forgotten attacks

Written by: andrew delapruch

will you remember the
forgotten attacks
taken upon a person
when they were alive,
someone who put their all into
what they did, only to receive
nothing but punches---
will you remember the 
face of the person
who stands tall amongst the
mockery, who spits in the
faces of all who want them
to be 
just a little different, so as to 
calm &

will you remember the things
they said
about a person who spoke for
themselves, without considering
the opinions of others
which might’ve quieted anyone
else, which might’ve stifled
such a beautiful life,
had one let it?

because when they go,
this walking punching bag,
this strong & forever 
stalwart individual,
will be painted differently,
when all her/his enemies
crawl out from under their
rocks &
praise a memory that only
they can now create---
such charlatans that show no
will walk amongst the living
making documentaries, writing
endless articles & essays,
speaking with the most transparent of
all compassions,
as if they had known 
this person whom they worked tirelessly,
day & night,
night & day,
to embarrass, denounce,
vilify & 
hoping to leave not one trace of
whom they actually had been.