Half of Me That I Regret

Written by: Cierra Turks

I remember when I stood on his feet dancing
I remember seeing his face on my birthday every year
He stopped showing up before half of my life started
His smile became a distant memory
The way he held me faded
The gifts he bought me didn't cover the pain
His phone calls stopped coming
We moved. My mom told him the new number
He never called until one day...
He asked to see me 
I screamed NO! 
Ever since then,
The phone never spoke 
I put up a wall from him
I learned to never let anyone in
The scar formed in my heart.
The first crack was made
I've been hostile, rude, nasty, and unresponsive ever since..
So thanks for leaving and never returning..
I will never let you in my life ever again
When I walk down that aisle and stage,
You won’t be there

To: all of those young teenagers without their father in their life... I've been there too