Troubled Minds

Written by: Eileen Manassian

The world is not kind
To those with troubled minds
A physical pain 
of someone deemed sane
Gets more loving care
 than the mental pain
of someone “insane”
How I wish…. I wish…
they were both the same.

People are not kind
To those with troubled minds
They can’t understand
Anxiety … worry
All seem too gory
Stress and Depression
Pain and Regression
Kidney problems are normal
Broken bones, mendable
But what if it’s hormonal?

Mood swings and sighs
Excessive laughter and cries
Are not understood
Why can’t they just be good?

Their physical aches
Gets medicated with ease
With pills of pain relief
But mental aches
Just bring them grief
So they send you off to a shrink.
It’s just the same…It’s the same!
Both get medicated…in different ways…
Yet just the same!

Oh world, care for the mind
Not just the body
Care for the mind
And the things that lurk inside
The darkness and sighs
The forebodings of night
Of ending a life
Relief is in a happy pill
That makes a person less ill

Take care of the mind
For it’s like any other organ…
It feels pain
It gets tired
It needs to be whole
So, have a soul and…
Care for those with troubled minds!