Written by: sashi prabhu

By: Sashi Prabhu (zeauoxian), Written on 18th November 2012.

Loud dins of nihility whirls and twirls around,
Reverberating sharply   in my churning mind,
Humming lowly & resonating strange they sound,
Filling my spaces with patterns and frequencies of all kind.

Vacuously locked into blunt spaces my eyes,
Are spiked with queer scabbards of blankness…
Glimmering tear drops hold tenderness that never dries,
keep fondly trickling out from my eyes with quaintness.

My ear drums swell from within to capture,
Dull shrills of echoes from within me,
“Nothingness” they trap on the verge of their rupture,
Sounds from around me ascend to a higher degree.

My heart beats itself sore,
As “nothingness” it just can’t anymore bear,
Only love and peace can usher in some more,
Feelings of tranquility and life full of softness and care.

 me and myself now for sure know,
That “nothingness”  can fathoms away keep,
So reflection & solitude, will in my mind sow,
And “nothingness” within me will forever put to sleep.


“Nothingness”  have kept at bay,
 now within have positivity filled in me,
 do not care what they to me will say,
And live my life “nothingness” free.