Written by: Ken Nwadiogbu

No matter how distracting the worries of Monday
No matter how disturbing the problems of Tuesday
No matter how needy the prayers of Sunday
There is one healing glow without dismay

I'll tell you just one time, it's a burn
That burn that puts to rest all wrongs
Resurrecting the joy of life along
The song that plays better than all songs

It's a miracle hidden in the skin of a woman
It's a life, a glow waiting to be human
It's that color paint that looks so calm
It is divine, pure, it is the HEALING BALM

Like a hymn you just want to sing
Like making a stop at the Golden City
Th Healing Balm is that held within
It's the unborn child of your lovely dreams

I was once that Healing Balm
You too were once that Healing Balm
So don't let it go out
STOP ABORTION!... and let the Balm perform its miracle