She came

Written by: Trevor Bain

She came to my house by night,
and left by morning
We did this often 
Almost every day,
until that night, 
A passionate night
We made love
We were found out
Early in the morning,
we were in truble
The day following,
I did not know if she was still around,
I thought she was sent away 
I thought she had been taken from me
My heart was lightened when i saw her in that class room
She was still here 

Since then we'v had good times, 
and bad
We'v even had time appart,
but we are still together,
and very much in love
If we can make our way though the struggles that we have,
then i think we can handle anything
Forever and always is what we say
I look forward to the day
When i see her come down the isle