Christmas Spirit

Written by: Cheyenne Nienhueser

A season of giving,
frienship and love,
that can only come from the 
heavens above.
A starting murmur of the heart.
a rushing throb of excitement,
as children wait for the jolley ole
man with the long white beard and 
wears the big red suit with the big black belt
and boots.
he carries a big red sack upon his back and delivers toys,
to only good girls and boys.
the clap, clap, clap of hooves could be heard upon the roof,
as Santa comes down the chimmy flue. 
Sugar plums dance in a row while the sand man sprinkles his 
magical sand on children so they are fast asleep and don't make a peep.
When all said and done the christmas sun is peeking over the horizon,
and children bounce their parents out of bed. 
to see what Santa has left them,
A toy for Holly, Jack, and Jem.
A parents who stare into each other eyes,
with a look of adoration and love.