Message in a Bottle

Written by: julie heckman

Greetings: You have landed on
one of the most glorious planets
in the world, Earth. Not only did 
the earth have life in many forms, 
those alive called Humans, had 
lots of imagination, some even 
had lots of memory which provided
them with many different opportunities
for spending their time. I just hope 
the Humans are still around. If I were 
you, I'd get a map right away and 
locate a nice sunny island or perhaps 
just find California and spend your 
time there. The weather is nice almost
year round...avoid parts of the United 
States that have what they call “seasons”
where it rains and snows half the 
year. If I were you I wouldn't put up
with seasons, just find California on 
the map and head over.