Credit Crunch

Written by: Robert Mayy

Credit Crunch

So they rob the money
Ain't that Funny
Fingers in the pot
Political situation hot
Slight of hand, diversion
Laundering, pondering

Dollars devalued
Pumps run dry
Petrol prices sky high.
Weep little peasants
Learn the lies

Under employment
Over indulgence
Credit cards blaze
Fictitious accounts,
Spending craze
Bim, bam , Wham
Credit crunch

No more caviar for brunch.
Porsche parked, others jump
Pension crisis, Banking slump.
Brinks Matt robbed !!
And no guns pulled
Faces change, government bull
Play the card, Tell a story

Worldwide crisis, escalating prices.
Bankers paid, government sway
A con trick is a con trick
Watch the play
Another angle, another drift
What if? What if?

Then move to the present
Unemployment rising,
Increased border crossing
Refugees , returnees
And don't forget
The deportees.
Holy Moses we are Sunk!
Run to the tax havens
Lets do a debunk.

See Ya!!