Feminine in me

Written by: Bongani Zungu

It is unbelievable!
They say love conquers all
When you glitter like sunshine
You bring out the feminine in me

Lately I thought I was sick yet not!
My bones aching from my skull down to my knee cap 
You invaded my world and stole me from myself 
Your courage brought out the feminine in me

Miles away to the Milky Way
Like a telescope to explore the galaxy
Your amicableness travelled a long way
It brought out the feminine in me

Ages ago I never thought, I will say bye to my beast 
Let bygone be bygone, bye my beast 
To all my victims, it was not me but the beast in me 
I declare the beast is burned and buried

Cruise control, your touch switch me into that state 
Cruising down memory lane before the new me 
Imagining the transitions led to the new dawn in my life 
Your love shines through my life and brightens my inner me.

Like a UV-light, you were spot on
A beast like behavior was my counterfeit
You revealed the weakness in me 
Your love brought out the feminine in me