Stationary Motion, Moving Inactivity

Written by: Susan Piwang

It's possible.
You can be moving 
So fast and 
Standing so still
Or completely still 
And not moving at all.
When the world 
Frantically revolves
Hurrying to I-don't-know-where
And leaves me behind
Suspended in the air
I grab onto its axis
And reluctantly
Spin along with it
At its frightening pace
And all of me is moving
Except nothing of me is changing
Anything but position
So I'm not going anywhere.

However, when I finally find a minute
When I can forget 
The spinning world
And stop
To remember
Where I came from,
Where I'm going
Where I will be...
It's then
When I am completely still
But my soul is swelling
My heart racing
And everything is changing
Inside of me
So therefore, I am 
Completely still
But moving
Where you can't see.