Written by: Robert Mayy

Poem 9/11

Believe me,
Just watching my TV
News Flash!! Skyjack! 
New York City Centre,Jet Crash. 
Check that.
News Call,Broadcast stall. 
Drop the headlines!! 
This is the new line 
Look up on the Skyline   
Right on the building top. 
Biff Baff Heart attack, 
On another line 
Pentagon now a X a gone 
Another plane drop. 
Whats that?whats that? 
Beam in on the spot.   
Another streak across the sky 
Sliiced another tower
Question asked.
Whats going on?Whats going on? 
Another crash,big explosion 
Switch broadcast over to Washington
Whats your impression? Whats your emotion.   
"Whats your reaction"? 
Can't believe my eyes J
Just as it began,I realize 
This is an atrocity
Right here,in the heart of the city. 
Terrorist attack.Terrorist Attack   
Then the burning Walls a falling 
Like crashing dominoes
Right to the ground. 
Limbless,Lifeless,a giant fallen.
Armagadeon has arrived,without warning   
CIA, FBI,Home Security Then the Guv
Blaming intelligence,asking why.
Collate and evaluate 
Then the appropriate reply.   
Calling the president for a comment. 
"What do you think of unfolding events"? 
"WE will find the perpetrators one by one 
Whether he is hiding in Iraq,Iran, or Pakistan. 
We will call up the troops,assembly the galleon, 
Then bomb them ,blast them Clean up their land, 
Bring in new administrations, 
Thats the plan
Fireman, Policemen,all on the scene
 "This is total disaster,the worst we ever seen.
 Engines,sirens,surgeons and volunteers 
Combining efforts in a stream. 
Such a nightmare, awful dream 
But in the present, the on going theme.