The Underdog

Written by: Audonus Taylor

Black kid with malice as my main 
Spending time wondering: 
How in the hell did this get into me?
With tendency to be rude
Extending my attitude
Pretending I'm mending
after plenty hours of mixing booze.
The bruise, is just a product of my 
Welcome to my life. Call it God of 
War 3.
The game has changed,
It's range and pain,
My name is Train,
So the bastards kind of have to start 

But I hold on to the words that I 
given mean that my dream is 
essentially absurd.
But I'm, motivated with passion, I 
love words.
Though I heard I'd be lucky just to 
see the suburbs.
But giving the verses as I live,
Living the curses as I give,
reason for believing in what I can
do with nouns and adjectives.
See, I never quit through the last 
I try with constantly as the adverb,
and push myself until I pass the last 
The underdog will smile last
so go ahead and laugh first...