Written by: Anna J Carroll

I am better than you
In so many ways
To start it off
I will say
I am smarter than you
I'm a prodigy
A genius,if you may
I can memorize anything given 
to me
I can figure out how
Something is done
Without instructions
Or directions
I am more creative than you
I can sing
& Write
Better than you
I read better than you
I think way better than you
I use my brain more than you
My attitude & personality
Is better than yours
I am more realistic than you
You may be funny
But I'm funnier than you
I am funner than you
I am a dare-devil
I take risks
More athletic than you
I can outdo you in any sport
I look better than you
In any way,style,& form
Because I dress better than you
I am better than you
In so many ways
But I won't state anymore
The list goes on for days