For the World's Best Boss

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Calm and composed to the core…
What from a boss could I ask more? 
Humble, patient always gentle,
On your ethics, you can never fumble!

Path of peace is always your road, 
Come what may, you never explode!
With "Just hang in there" your favorite line,
Provided comfort, made me feel fine... 

My emails, calls, you would never revert,
Made me feel isolated and lost in a desert,
Untill the day I realized that Lee "Does",
And “actions” things without a buzz!

Boss, friend, mentor, guide! Who are thee?
You always supported me! Thank you Lee!
Complexities- you take in your stride,
You help with grace and zero pride....

You are as special as is today,
Sending you wishes from Bombay,
Today-The last date of this century, do celebrate,
Please accept thanks and wishes from your sub-ordinate!!