Kittens Didn't Choose Being Born

Written by: Tom Wright

I spend two hours of most every day,
With the tending and feeding of cats.
I never imagined my end of life this way,
It causes most of our marital spats.

It's not a Kitten's fault for being born,
Nor their choice to be jettisoned on me.
It's taxing doing what's right each morn,
To a dozen cats we've became a trustee.

The cost of feeding is now out of hand,
And Vet bills are becoming all to frequent.
Then another little Kitty arrives unplanned,
Seeming to always come in sequent.

Adoptive homes we've found for a few,
Still others have tried stopping a car.
But doing our duty we'll not eschew,
On my marker just write "The Cat Czar"

But "my woe is me" changes nary a thing,
And I've too much invested to run away.
So I'll continue praying for life's upswing,
And tending unwanted cats another day.