The red sedan sped past
As two police cars followed fast
My jaws dropped in awe 
As my eyes witnessed the chase

The three cars swayed from side to side 
As drivers tried not to slide
And as the road burst with dust 
they disappeared to the last

It did'nt surprise me 
Though it was such of a scary kind
and so did i continue with my journey
as thoughts imprisoned my mind

If fate does draw a path
How many will escape?
whom will be willing to bribe?
and which is the shortcut to evasion?

A few miles and i was on the scene
The red sedan down on its keel
So different from one had see
Crushed and ripped apart

Of course he didn't escape the fate
It caught him on the throat 
with a piece of windscreen glass
His neck halfway cut

The four shocked police officers
sat on their car's bonnet 
wiping blood from their heads 
They had escaped the tragedy
Yet their fate was waiting