FREE CEE i have been off line for a while so i don't know yet if VIENNA is contributing again

Written by: jeffry cohan

so i was hoping that if  re-posted this it might remind her of the talent she's wasting

she talk\s in words of velvet spoken eloquently
as i read her words fervently
i hear her wit in every word written UN-corrupted by a desire for fame
and sentiments scribed so that people may remember her name

this isn't no spectator's game
it's just a way to read her words of wisdom that ain't always the same
she's a woman with talent i find more intoxicating that wine
and i'd trade almost antthing for her words to reflect some of mine

read the lady and you tell me if she isn't fascination plus a summer's rain
when the flowers cry out for moisture to end a pansy's pain
tell me you don't hear the happiness she deserves in spades
and the sorrow those pansies feels as the sunshine fades

as the church bells are ringing soft and low
her words tell me in which direction i should go
a place where i can escape the ice and the snow
or the wisdom wrapped in every certainty the woman happens to know
  (c) 2012....PHREEPOETREE~free cee!~
p.s. vienna....can you at least anwer my calls---i want to you're okay please ~f!~