What it's Worth

Written by: Shaun Lindley

A word of mouth is free to express
To talk is cheap, but written is best
Our actions can cause us a fall-from-grace
Apologies are paid when made face-to-face
Trust can't be bought, it's something that's gained
No guarentee if broken it will be replaced
Promises are made, then they're forgotten
It's promises kept which become priceless
Vow's are what's used to make a new start
They're how we give away a piece of our heart
Time is of value that we all let pass
We pay for the seconds from first breath till last
Faith is invisible to the naked eye
It's a leap to the unknown, on a path we walk blind
Hope is the want's in which we all need
The desires we wish for and pray may be
Love is a sacrifice and sometimes it hurts
But we suffer the pain to see that it works
And life is a gift we recieve when we're born
What it's worth
Taken for granted, leaving us to mourn....