Knowledge And Wisdom

Written by: Sara Beaderstadt

 We vibin and chillin like suga plums 
and lullabies
 Avidly buildin a legacy of 
blackhearted affairs in places you 
 Overcomin overlookin and 
 This procession aint gonna do 
nothin but keep on growin
 We aint bout to take no shiznit
 Been around too long to bow 
before some little jit
 Too old to be down with all them 
 Too bold to be addressed out of 
our names
 Won the war and earned our 
 Nigga please
 There aint no love or respect in 
your stereotypes
 Open your eyes to the storm of 
knowledge and wisdom wrote in the 
 Grab your belongings, hit the block, 
and join the crowds