My pen and my soul

Written by: Edward Orozco

My pen and I Blood, ink to my verse Spoken words of doubt taunt me Solid shades of wisdom, many to see My heart looks at me and sighs Am I truly lost, I walk with no direction Yet I find comfort in the waves Waves of many, whom too are lost as I How I didn't even notice that joy was absent in my life Has my heart truly hardened? At least I fear the world less So many point fingers, hypocrites! They judge as they too are guilty What happens next, love is rare This world used to be a loving place All ends and so does life Taking dreams and faith alike The shadow of man will remain But the faith? Where did it go The son of man died for you And yet many see it not In you Jehovah the most high god I place my spirit May my heart serve you well at your will Amen.