Water in the Bronx

Written by: William Morrissey

     Water in the Bronx

Beautiful night as clear as day
Resting, for I am a believer
Can not wake up, maybe it is time to pray
For what I am about to see, makes me shiver

Walton High school, beside the subway tracks I stand
Is there someone with a cup?
As far as the eye could see, there is water all around me
And I begin to wonder as I look up.

As  I survey this watery scene, all is silent and calm
And the water swirls gently on the ground
Something must have happened not unlike a storm
For there no one else around

Three feet deep, I feel as if this is a flood
Or maybe global warming,the land could be sinking
The mighty warrior may be looking for blood
While around me, people sleep, then wake up drinking

William Morrissey 12/23/04