Tenant With Two Faces

Written by: William Morrissey

               Tenant With Two Faces

After midnight, here in this chair, I watch my candle go down
As I suffer to hear this woman above me, scream an awful animal sound
Before, loud laughter; she walks,dropping furniture, banging on the wall
A mental patient, twice in the making, about to fall.

The soul is not hers, and she is in utter torment
Monsters in the night, her sins to lament
Darkness is her enemy that walk  in the  night
Afraid to calm down , to sleep, just to wait for the coming light.

To eat, to smoke, the stress,so weary, no sleep
As I listen to the madness of her tapping feet
The mind wanders, such strange sounds from above
Maybe born of evil, no heart, no conscience, no love.

As I walk from room to room, she follows as if by sonar
Such sadness, no one is there to hold her, dreadful karma
High-pitched laughter, delirious scream, soon after
Feel lost , as if I should hide and shiver way up in the rafter.

Time and time before, I see her, no recognition, just anger
And so I stand to witness her face changes,dark force,dark spirit, huge ugly head, hunger
Oh priest, holy cross and holy water, it is hard to reason; one person inside another
When most can only see, one child, one daughter, one mother.

William Morrissey 8/05/09 vision